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Roha Medical Campus

Roha Medical Campus is an integrated health campus that is under development in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


When complete, it will provide world-class, high-quality, affordable healthcare across extensive medical facilities. Holistic patient care will be delivered with a technology and population health driven approach. In addition, the campus will include a world-class medical school and facilities for research and innovation. The entire campus will be a lush, green setting, built to the highest sustainability standards, with a beautiful urban park open to the public.

Buildout of the campus has begun, with the first hospital slated to open in the next couple of years.

Roha Medical Campus is being developed by Roha Group, an investment firm that responsibly builds companies in Africa.

Campus Overview

hospital - Copy.png

Spans 5 hospitals with over 1,100 beds, including advanced specialties and state of the art technology


It is expected to be the first internationally-accredited hospital in Ethiopia


A public urban park will include picnic areas, sculpture gardens and recreational areas while preserving the bio-diversity of the land and creating a healing environment


The campus will be built with green hospital principles, LEED-certified buildings, renewable energy, waste recycling and water reuse and treatment


The medical school and Research & Innovation hub will provide world-class education and clinical and scientific research

Campus overview
About first hospital
Roha Facade option A__Photo - 13.jpg

Roha Advanced Multi-Specialty Hospital

The first hospital

The campus will open with a 350-bed advanced hospital with state of the art technology and capabilities.

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